Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Magazine Addiction?

I way more than love magazines. Don't you too? I don't know what they have that I can enjoy reading them and looking at it's pictures over and over and I don't get tired of them. I have a collection of magazines, yes. I collect them, read them [again], cut pictures to make collages, and what I not do. I am subscribed like to nearly 20 magazines. Here's just a small batch of my magazines collection. x] This is my other addiction, after my boyfriend, clothes and Stride [Sweet Peppermint] gum.

Who else is addicted with magazines? Am I alone?

I am not a big fan of books. I can read few that I find interesting and if I like it though, but I always find magazines interesting, more than books. I learn a lot from them, really! I love culture, vintage, traveling, clothes, new stuff and a magazine has all of that, plus more. And I really enjoy them. I don't know if I am insane or whatever, but when I'm feeling kind of depressed, I can read some magazines and look at their pictures, or just go to the mall and I feel better. Magazines gives me just this kind of inspiration, and I think that thanks to them [after my family & bf, of course] I am the person i am right now. I just learn that much from magazines. They have lots of information, advices, etc. you just have to learn how to accommodate them into your life. And that's really important: how to do it right. And I've learned that.

When you read...whatever it is, a magazine, a book, a novel, or just the newspaper...read it because you want to entertain yourself and learn at the same time. I've also learned that literally, you can't judge a book by it's cover. I've been in contact with a few books that seems eternally to finish reading, and boring, but when I just start reading, it's fantastic. So go, pick up some magazines, books, or whatever and start reading & enjoying them and at the same time you'll be learning and discovering a new world of adventures, believe me. Just pick a place where you can be in peace, calm, etc. If you haven't tried, do it! It could change your way of life, in a good way.

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  1. Ooooo.... I totally hear ya on the magazine addiction! I'm a recovering addict, myself!

    Lately, I've been trying to let most of my subscriptions lapse (which has actually been difficult - it's like losing a friend or something) and have resorted to checking mags out from the library. It's better for the environment (less paper), and it saves me money (yay!).

    However, I do admit that I'm keeping 4 subscriptions (out of 15 - not bad)! They are: Vegetarian Times, Vegetarian Journal, Real Simple, and Natural Health. (Glamour and Women's Health were the hardest for me to let go of... *sigh*).

    Anyway, at least I know who to talk to if I start wishing I had more magazines - you!


    Great post!

  2. Hey u commented on my art blog. So I am saying HIIII back. I am a vegetarian, and its so cool that u are a vegan. Can u say HOLY crap!!! MAGAZINES!!!!!! I love Alternative Press (AP) Magazine. I would follow ur blog but I dont see how to on ur blog. So I will check it out sometime.