Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shoe Time

I love these Liberty Nike's sneakers. Though it's not my usual type of sneaker/shoe. I saw them on the February issue [2009] of Teen Vogue magazine and fell in love with them. They're really cute, both prints. These are one of the stuff I would want, if they weren't leather (leather ruin everything I like). Both prints are cute. And they'll be $110.

If there is any vegan version [non animal skin] I definitively buy it :)

Like the Dr. Martens airseal boots, I do like them and I found some animal friendly and look just like the "originals". I want them in purple & black (from the picture above) -> They're from


  1. OMG!!! I am a totally shoe junkie lol. I dont usually have cash though so I normally just waste what I do have on used CDs on ebay. lol. WAY-cheaper!!! I am not in Puerto Rico but I am puerto rican...half. My dad is full and I have a sister that is full puerto rican. I look like I have some in me! lol...if ya get me. Hahaha...

    Hey-do u want to email me at my normal email adress??? It may be easier than commenting back and fourth. Just tell me and i will give it to you. ;)

    Oh-Did u by chance see my other personal blog?


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